• Baryn Futa on Art Appreciation and Value

  • Posted on August 25, 2017
  • While his deep attraction to the art world may have been surprising and while it also came late, for Baryn Futa, this appreciation for art has thus far made him happy and given him purpose. He didn’t actually appreciate art until he retired and took a job with the Denver Art Museum. It’s hard to describe, but something profound happened then, and it transformed his life in a profound way. Now, he is one of the best art patrons in the country.

    While he was working at the DAM, Baryn Futa somehow decided to embrace his newfound love of art and do what he could to stoke that every way he could. To cultivate his new love of art, he attended copious numbers of art fairs and museum exhibitions and anything else he could find that seemed interesting. Baryn also took art classes and he decided to establish his own art collection, which has grown to be very extensive and impressive. Nowadays, Baryn Futa is trying to change everything because he believes art is too often taken for granted and not appreciated as a priority by society. For that reason, he has made it his life’s work to support the idea that brilliant artists should be appreciated enough to thrive.

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